Children's MVM Calculator

The children's multivitamin/mineral (MVM) calculator is a web-based research tool that reports national estimates for 16 ingredients in children's MVMs. Labeled ingredient amounts for specific children's MVM products can be entered into the online calculator and the predicted values will be calculated. These values can be saved to build a small database or add to an existing database for national, regional or local dietary intake studies. The calculator uses data from the DSID-3.

The children's MVM calculator is available in 2 versions. The 'Ages 4 and Older' version is appropriate for most uses. The 'Ages 1 to < 4' version can be used for studies of supplement use in this age group.

NOTE: The predicted mean value per serving for each ingredient is calculated using a regression equation for that ingredient. For additional information on children's MVM research and the statistics supporting the calculator, use the website's Research Summaries and Data Files links on the left side of this page.

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